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Summer winds / Beautiful waves

Georgian Bay Allenwood

Today was a crap shoot with conflicting forecasts. Even driving towards the beach through the country roads I was not convinced. Then the beach showed itself and it was full of whitewater. Met Jim there, already rigged on 5.6 and ready to go. I rigged fast and followed. Decided to put the steamer on since at the shoreline I felt cool. Once in the water I felt great and super comfy. The water felt real good to. The wind was a little more onshore than I wished (WNW) but the waves were just a beauty! As usual, Jim, looking for the biggest and smoothest swells takes this real long ride out. I follow. The swell out there were super nice, some with steep faces and breaking way over head high. Then back in towards the beach break which delivered some nice waste to boom high break that was real fun to play in, smacking the lip and riding from 1 wave to another. We did this till 1pm when we stopped for a 1/2 hr lunch break, then back at it again till about 2.30 for a coffee (Red Bull) break when he wind started to drop. By 3 it was back up and we were back out. Sailed till 5 until my arm started to cramp up from sailing off the harness. Today I had a couple of shots at the power tack (I suck!) and Jim showed me a new wave riding move which I managed to do but blew it at the end. I think I can do this with a little practice. Excluding sessions I had in San Carlos, Today was defiantly one of my favorite sessions of the year. Just love Allenwood beach.

Surprised not to see 'Allenwood" up there today and wished the Beaverton guys made it up!

For me, what marks a good day is how tired I get sailing. Now I'm beat and I think I will hurt tonight!

Weather Conditions

Warm sunny steady winds and beautiful waves

The Day at a Glance


  NW 18-22 24




  Quattro 95L/Goya 5.8


  4 hrs. 30 min.

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