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Gusty flatwater but good

Lake O. MCP

On a NW direction, the wind line was few hundred metres from shore, covered in whitecaps... looked good! Obviously by the time I finished rigging, it went down considerably! Shut, not again... eventually preyers have been answered and some W wind filled, and we launched with Robert into conditions that were gusty , but promising.

Next 3 hours were spent 80% on the plane, anywhere from largely overpowered to patches of lull. Gusts were strong but painted well on water's surface, and most importantly were coming at the same angle so just hang on to dear life and, eventually, you may make it through!

Got pushed into water few times, had to flatten sail and even patch a flapped hole, but enjoyed the day and the flat water. Wind did hold for the whole session, so no need to paddle back to shore - a welcome change to the routine :)

will take that any day. Bring it on , Lake O. !

Weather Conditions

gusty but manageable, absolute flat water, sunny a warm enough for shortie

The Day at a Glance


  W 12-18 26




  Bic OD/Simmer 8.3


  3 hrs.

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