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Wished I Lived on the Water

Chemong Peterborough

Hanging with the family down at my folks place who live on the Chemong in Peterborough. Woke up to some white caps forming already on this small lake which just got my blood flowing as it has been a very long while since I really had a good session.

I was texting Fathom and riNR to give them encouragement as they have been skunked a few times now, plus I would have loved to sail with them again.

Headed out on my 5.0 and just as I got up, wind shifted and shut down, of course, story of my frick'n life!! I came in and derigged, put all my crap in the boat and drove looking for a place to happen with the NW..........and found it at a family friends place. I rigged up the 5.7 and was cooking, flat water sailing as this lake is narrow but fun drag racing boats on the water (and winning!!) plus it is neat to see people on shore just lloking at you wondering what the hell your doing as this lake has not really seen any windsurfers since 1992. Our friend said that they had to ban windsuring back then as windsurfers were taking up so much space that the non windsurfing public and the locals had no place to park!!

All and all, great day with some up and downs with the clouds, would have been great to be with Fathom with more loop attempts as he now has the upper hand as I am still scared sh..............less.(LOL) but feels great to be on the water again.

Weather Conditions

Flat and windy

The Day at a Glance


  NW 15-20 28




  JP93/NP 5.7


  4 hrs.

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