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Sweet Gift

Lake Erie Long Beach Conservation

So glad we took the chance and went to LB today. Went on wed and it didn't amount to much....I got planning but only cause I was on a 151 and 6.4. I was so stoked to see JF teaching his son :-)

Thursday rocked!!! When I got to LB there was a guy out to the west of and just beyond the reef ripping it up on the waves there....VERY impressive mystery sailor.....nice cut backs!

I rigged a 5.8 and 110 and was the wind pigeon....2 runs and I came in and rigged a 5.3 a nd 100 and my husband hopped on the bigger gear. It was sooooo good :-) The waves were setting up nice on the outside. I had to go to work and the minute I got off the water it really picked up and the wind junkies got some nice rides. Quiero mas!

Weather Conditions

nice waves and steady wind

The Day at a Glance


  SW 18-22 25




  100, 110/5.3, 57


  3 hrs.

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