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classic longboard day.

pigeon lake north end of...

just a nice breezy hot day on the water at the cottage.. a couple of hours on the equipe,and an old 8m sail, still getting used to using the mast trackand daggerboard.. and how to jibe it.

nothing rad, just cruising upwind, waiting for a gust,then bearing off and planing..

anyway, ive been using it quite a bit this summer.. wish i had one years ago.

and the sail, its got to be 20 years old as well, twin cam, tight kinda liking the oldschool feel, tons of bottom power, some backhand pressure.. but it works well in the 5-15knots i had today.

surprise was that another windsurfer was out too, but not having much luck as i think he was underpowered on a shortboard..

but, i have noticed more windsurfers on the lake this year than i have seen for a very long time... is windsurfing making a bit of a comeback?

Weather Conditions

sunny and hot

The Day at a Glance


  W 5-15 30




  mistral equipe/8m neil pryde


  2 hrs.

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