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Sweet Gift 2

Lake Erie Long Beach Conservation

Left for LB around 9:30 am after seeing the sensor reading. Expectation was a big sail big board day and it started that way with my husband on a 7.5 and 121 and me on a 6.4 and 121......then it just got better and better and more people showed up. In the end I was on a 5.3 and 84 and my husband on the 5,7 and 100 but it was too much. The wind was very constant without was pretty choppy inside but nice big rollers outside. The picture is of my husband way on the outside coming down a roller at me.

Weather Conditions

choppy inside, big rollesr outside and nice steady strong wind.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 22-24 30




  84 and 100,110 and 121/5.3 5,7 6.4 7.5


  4 hrs.

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