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Good day

Lake Simcoe Beaverton

Can't believe I sailed the Beav for the first time this year and its August!!! Good day on the water although it was on the big gear; spent most of the day in the straps and the last hour I downsized from the 7.9 to the 6.4 with really no issues staying on the plain.

When did Beaverton turn into kite beach? They were everywhere on the shore and on the water, always good fun to come in and have 5 kites stretched out on the water from the reeds right across to the beach leaving no access to get out of the water. Not bitter as it is great to see all these new kiters learning to kite and it is great to see a full parking lot with everyone injoying the water. Kites are fun to watch and I would like to try it for sure, but I wish Keswick never banned all of us from their precious land.

Weather Conditions

Flat and marginal

The Day at a Glance


  NW 10-15 30




  JP135/NP 7.9/6.4


  4 hrs.

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