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Good for the soul

Ramsey Lake Sudbury Canoe Club

I went to help one of the club members work on her tacking (it took about 1/2 hour) and then I just went cruising for about an hour.

I pumped the board on to a plane once but just cruised the rest of the time.


Worked on increasing the speed of my fast tacks and flare gybes.

I actually did a light wind waterstart with the 9.5 -a first for me.

I did some clew first sailing and a few sail 360s -once again interesting with a 9.5m sail.

This was a very nice way to relax at the end of a long week...I should get out more -regardless of the wind conditions. It is good for the soul.

Weather Conditions

light breeze

The Day at a Glance


   5-8 29




  165 Starboard Go/9.5m Ezzy


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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