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Nuking Kalmus day aka. iWindsurf forecast failure!

Nantucket Sound Kalmus Beach

Jenn and I drove down to Kalmus to give it a shot despite it only calling for 17-21 in the late evening. We showed up to see NUKING winds.. asking around it seemed people were rigging up 4.2's around. It was 2pm and already the sensor was showing 30?!?!

Walking around, Jenn ran into Chris Eldrige, whom we had met the week before. Since 4.5 was our smallest sail, it was pretty much set up that there was no way Jenn could get out that day... as it turns out Chris managed to hook Jenn up with a 3.7 courtesy of a generous Kalmus local named Cliff (with a 90% carbon mast!!... don't break it!!!)

Sent Jenn out on the 78L and I tried one reach on the 96L and it was just wayyyy too much. Jenn and I ended up taking turns on the 78L.

At first I was wayyyyy too overpowered to play around but later in the day the wind lightened up so I had a chance to play around.

It was the first time riding the Guru and it ended up being a pretty nice sail. I think I like the Wave 3D more but for this sail let me go out overpowered and still make it around my gybes (depowers quickly... but downside is in lighter wind it feels "gutless").

Had a great great day with some fun jumps and the camera came out to snap some pretty shots! Enjoy!

Weather Conditions

Insane insane winds. More time standing around on shore in blowing sand than actually on the water.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 25-35 30




  78L FreeWave/4.5 Guru


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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