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One Hurtin' Unit

Burlington Bay The Hammer

Stole KC555's blue Tabou and headed for a more favorable but stinky launch in the Hammer. Drive was a P of P (Eastgate Dr, 403, 407 - done: Voila ! = 40 mins.) Hadn't windsurfed the delightful shores of charming and exotic Hamilton for a couple of years so I almost fell off me perch when I saw the size of the Cormorant colonies. (more on that later..)

Was happy to meet 3 lads riggin' and happier to see wind filling in to what i guessed was 20 knots anyway. Naturally didn't know what to rig but went with SuperFreak 6.2 which turned out to be a tad too much. Greg was on a North 5.3 and was getting fully lit. He wisely did not take his 5.9 out. He was blastin'! Water temp was so nice. No need for neo. Was a wee bit wary of first ride on the blue beast - but f' it!

First run was fully, fully powered, the Hot sail SF not feeling soft at all -- good. Had to beat upwind to avoid rocky, aviery toilets (the flyin' Rats roost) Flew at fully speed into massive flock of the oily, feral fish-shitters. Was wishing for nose mounted Uuzzi ! I love my animal brethren but c'mon (!) these transplanted monsters are pillaging our home waters. I know it was scarey B' Bay but it's the same story all over the GL basin. Dalton has green-lighted a cull on Pelee and Erie but what I saw today needs attention. These insatiable bastards gobble all the salmon, native brown trout and steelhead frye and are the top non - imported predator threat. Forget about the piddly zebra mussels or Asian Carp deal...

Meanwhile back on board, having only sailed a sub 7.5 2x since last year , I was gettin' seriously schooled. Clocked some nice runs up by the northshore but took a hulluva hooked-in catapult at about 25 knots and grazed my orbital bone on my mast. One of those nano second to react - nope! Rung my bell pretty good. Faceplant ! Ha!

The "borrowed" Rocket is aptly named and does not like overpowered downwinders one bit! An awesome straight line flat-rockered slalom board tho' - easy to sail but had to be careful of her low shoulders. Yeeesh. Board was too big, sail was too big and rider was too big and out of shape. Awesome tho' :).....

As Arnold would say "I'll be back... and It isn't mine...."

Weather Conditions

Typical Hamilton (I'm told) Gusty and strong.

The Day at a Glance


  W 15-30 26




  Stolen Tabou Rocket 130/Hot Sail SF Black Maple Leaf


  1 hrs. 3 min.

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