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Great Day

Georgian Bay Allenwood

Spent the morning at work, called riNR and he was on his way to Allenwood, Sandro was already there and his posts looked promising. 1300 and out the door and up the 400 I go.

It was great to see Sandro again (been since Hatteras), his calmness and joy of just being there windsurfing really rubs off and kept a smile on my face.

Hit the water with the 4.5 and 93 after a quick brief with riNR who said that his 5.2 was too much (and he loves to be overpowered). Straight on shore conditions and the wind was tame to cranked. Nice to finally hit some wave and get a little airtime under the belt as this season and work just have not allowed that for me.

The water was packed with sailors and kites, so much fun sailing with guys like riNR and Sandro, really needed Fathom to be there to make it complete. riNR completely stoked after landing a back loop, went over the handlbars 10 feet later, but he looked happy.

Not the cleanest I assume Allenwood has every been but today was fun!!

Weather Conditions

Onshore with chest high waves and steep ramps.

The Day at a Glance


  W 20-30 23






  2 hrs.

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