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Late but classic Beaverton

Simcoe Beaverton

I didn't even think I could sail today. Glad I packed the car in less than 5min before heading for work this morning. Checking the forecast while sitting at the desk was killing me, esp. when I knew Wasaga is going to be great with a great bunch going. Frustrating day yesterday and today so looking forward to sailing. Anyhow, after a foot long sub (my favorite presailing food), arrived at 3:35. It looked great. Rigged the 4.5/69L and was on the water in less than 15min. Sailed pretty much straight for the next 4hrs into sunset.

The swells and ramps C36 was wanting in the previous session keeps building and building, swells started to clean up nice, and ramps made for some really nice high floaters. Tried looping a couple of time, but did not 'feel it' today so gave up. Swell riding, high speed jibes, tons of people out. The wind keeps building and finally my foot (blisters from jumping) and arms/hands (no more juice) gave out and had to pack it in. Arrived home in the dark.

What a great day. Wished for more waves but this is Beaverton after all, bump and jump and voodoo inside chops made for compulsory laydown jibing.

I was actually cold today. Hopefully this is a prelude to the Fall sessions.

This session is dedicated to Doreen C.

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classic Beaverton

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The Day at a Glance


  W 22-27 20




  Tabou Pocket Wave 69/NP Zone 4.5


  4 hrs.

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