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Georgian Bay Allenwood

What a day! So nice to see so many people out! For a change, Allenwood saw a lot of sails toay. Part of the stoke for me was sailing with some people I like sailing with but hardly do. Glad to see rInr, Chris , Pete, Neil , Jim , Old School , Rob, to name a few!

Today was not the greatest Allenwood day. The winds were too onshore, and at times gusty. Felt frustrated to get pinned to the shore line and not able to get to the outside for the really big swells except for a few runs during the first hr (got too overpowered) and last hr,(was too exhausted by then!). Miss 'my' old 84L wave board! Today was difficult sailing, hard on the body and quite exhausting trying to stay upwind. However it was real fun playing in the break. Some good air time today and some nice small wave rides (until I ran out of water) on the inside.

Weather Conditions


The Day at a Glance


  W 17-27 22




  Quattro 75L / 95L FW/Ezzy 5.2 / Goya 47 /Simmer 4.2


  5 hrs.

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