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LB Is My Gym

Lake Erie Long Beach

Wow! What do you say about a day like today? Nice to see posts from so many spots.

Good crowd at LB and so good to see Dr. Evil back at it.

The Goods.....lots of west in the wind but somehow there were big waves inside and then a choppy spot then big waves again a ways out.

Everyone on small boards....Chris on his glass board and Don on an 84....two big guys on small boards you gotta know it's windy :-)

I had to go to work so time was precious....I rigged a 5.0 and 84L and was just hanging on to it I had to try to hang in until my husband arrived to help rigg a 4.2 and switch with me. I really struggled at first with the 5.0 and waterstarts on the outside....this is rare for me as my waterstart is rock solid, the clew kept diving no matter which set-up I used.

I got soooooo lucky! My first run out on the 4.2 I took a goofy fall not too far out and the top of my sail collapsed down the mast.....the top pin had not gone into the mast while rigging. I got lucky and managed a waterstart with this floppy sail and got back quickly enough to re-rigg and get out for a few more runs.

I took the new picture....way outside trying to get a shot of someone going by me....missed them but it's a good shot of the waves.

Highlight of the day....I managed a planing jybe on the outside in the waves and my husband saw it! Finally!!

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Full freakin on!

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The Day at a Glance


  W 20-25 23




  84/5.0, 4.2


  2 hrs.

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