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Lost 'It'? I nearly lost 'them' !

Simcoe K Bay

Commonly held windsurf lore dictates a chap should endeavor to always take every piece of equipment on a road trip. No? Well for some strange reason I neglected to pack my 5/3 steamer. Why? ohh I dunno...uhh..... maybe 'cause it's the freakin middle of August!

Figured a 3/2 would suffice. Obviously I had forgotten where I live.

COLD? The water was frostier than a witch's teet! My goodness it was freezing! Yesterday I was wearing boardies and a rash guard in balmy Hamilton. Today: my fellas were cryogenically frozen after initial immersion! I think I did actually sustain a 5/3 ( You know what I mean?)

Got DB's blue machine dialed much better today. It was really gusty with classic Kempenfelt holes: so riggin was a complete crapshoot. At 3pm it was 5.0 o-p'd at 3:30 the crew were re rigging 6 and 6.5's. I went with same combo as Wednesday. I enjoy the SF but it realized the soft Dacron no cam doesn't partner well with the Rocket's slalom -y nature. You need a cammed sail and yer all set. The board is no doubt fast. Really fast... and initiates the gybe thing really well. Couldn't tell how it exits the gybe because I didn't have the cajones (remember) to hang on. I felt I short on skill and energy to pump during the 30 second gusts and try to pussyfoot through the inevitable lulls.

Have I lost it? After not sailing reasonably sized gear for so long. Hope not, but the more time you get on the water with realistically sized gear the better you can maintain your skill level.

Dedicated this session and yesterday's to me ol' mate.

Weather Conditions

Super gusty and brutally cold water. But pretty awesome.

The Day at a Glance


   5-25 22




  Tabou Rocket 130/Super Freak 6.2 Minets Maple Syrup Edition


  2 hrs. 3 min.

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