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Quiero mas

Lake Erie Long Beach

Chris said he was going and that is all it van has been packed for weeks :-) Not much when we got there...rigged a 6.4 and tried the 121 but not enough. I switched to the 151 and still not enough but I could see the wind in the west bay....just kept reaching back and forth and presto the wind arrived :-) Stayed on the big combo until I popped the front foot strap then came in and grabbed my 121 and by then more people had come and were getting out to get some. At 2:00 I handed the stuff I was riding to my husband and it worked for him :-) For once I got the good part of the day. Really worked hard on my jybes and trying to grab the boom for the flip instead of the mast......really changes your exit stance.

Weather Conditions

Slowly filled in

The Day at a Glance


  SW 16-18 26




  151, 121/6.4 downhauled


  2 hrs.

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