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Late Day Surprise

Lake Erie Long Beach Conservation

Conflicting weather reports but saw the wind at the East Erie Buoy was 15 to 18 SW. Got there at 3:00 quick check on the wind and it was up to 22 gusting to 25.....on the water by 3:30 for a solid 2 hr session on a 5.3 and 100 my husband 5,7 110. Chris showed up and was on a 6.0 and 100. I was watching an approaching cell from the west bay point and once it got to the west bay the wind shut right off like a tap....lucky both Chris and I got back before it turned NW....the storm missed us but the cold front passed right over us.

Weather Conditions

the waves didn't get a chance to set up so it was choppy. The wind was mostly solid with few holes or gusts.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 22-25 25




  100, 110/5.3 5,7


  2 hrs.

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