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Off Shore Blasting

Lake Simcoe Heritage Farms

Went to Beaverton and looked like suckfest with wind shadow and too much north in the wind. Took a run up to Heritage and on shore wind, light near shore but looked way windier off shoreline of Thorah.

Rigged big as to not be bobbing. Wind over by Thorah was honkin' and big rolling swell ( shoulder to head high ). Tooled around for a bit a called it quits as I have meeting tonight at 7:00pm and don't want to be a basket case with the big lobster head...especially for less than epic conditions.

Weather Conditions

Flatter but nice rolling swell over by Thorah.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 12-20 22




  125L Rocket/8.5M NP V8


  1 hrs. 10 min.

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