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Sucked ass...

Lake Ontario Everitt, Lake O

Well, must admit that I clearly set my expectations too high and they were no where near met. Getting very frustrated with the winds here in Ktown this year. Today, stuck in meetings until noon (missed what appeared from iWind to be the best of it, but only marginally), sailed at Everitt for a couple hours on 4.7/76. I spend so little time on my wave board that it feels so damn foreign. Underpowered most of the time, but waves were big and nice, as if it was blowing 30+ out on the lake. Had one shove-it and made a few tacks. Going out of my fricking mind for just one solid day of good steady winds. Haven't had one of those since early June. Today, and sorry for the downer, I hate this sport.

Hope you all got some better wind than I did.

Weather Conditions

Nice waves, but not enough wind to use 'em, or too much fat to use 'em.... either way, sucked ass.

The Day at a Glance


  S 15-20 22




  Quatro Wave 76/Goya Eclipse 4.7


  1 hrs. 40 min.

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