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Got wet.

Lake Ontario Frenchmans Bay

Decided not to play the big waiting game from the beach and got work done in the office instead with regular check ups on the wind report ( actually every 15 minutes). When I saw the sun come out on the Cherrry beach webcam I thought there was hope so headed to Frenchmans but nothing happening. Wind line came in for a bit, and did a panic rig to join Fathom for a toot. Got in a couple of planing runs mostly out in front of the nuke plant but I was not going to pass that point in fickle winds. Bummer as that place is so amazing on a south wind when it is honking

Weather Conditions

light but some nice swells

The Day at a Glance


   8-12 25




  125 Rocket/8.5M


  45 min.

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