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The wind that was not

Ontario Sandy hell

Great forecast, all the models looked good. Packed the car with 3.5 and 69L, and also the big stuff 'cause this is Ontario, land of steady wind.

Moved all the appointment around except for ONE in the middle of the afternoon (like a 10 min visit of someone still under 60,000km warranty who just want hand holding), so could not go to Erie.

Anyway ended doing work from home til the storms have gone through. Showed up at Frenchman with everyone slogging including the HUGE number of kiters. Only fun to watch was Phil who was visiting, pumping like mad and doing sail flip as easily as scratching your head. Rigged up the 8.5, then realized I forgot all my booms. Drove back home (just as well it wasn't Erie), came back. Slogged a bit. Chatted a bit with Phil and Tom who are hoping to score Irene (the hurricane, not the girl). Then finally the wind was gusting to the magical 12 knots. It think it was doming this whole time. Went out for 30min, way up wind to find wind, planned at the limit for 30min. Home for a nice Pho dinner (the only good part of the day).

Can't wait for some real Fall sessions at Mac.

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it was no condition at all

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  Tabou Rocket 125/Sailworks Retro 8.0


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