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Labour day part 1 - Back into looping

Nantucket Sound Kalmus Beach

Labour day weekend is calling for strong SW winds for all three days. Saturday looking to be one of the better days; and it was surprisingly good.

With any luck, I could be on the 5.0 and go for a couple of loop attempts. Really craving landing em this year.

Remembering that I had frayed my outhaul the session before, we swung by Sailworld Cape Cod to pick up some stuff. Unfortunately for me they were out of line, however luckily they sold me a line pulled off a boom in the store.

Also grabbed another US box weed fin so we could have both boards out on the water (102$.. not bad!). Will need to go back to pick up spares sometime soon.

Got to Kalmus and people were riding 4.7-5.3.

Rigged up the 4.5 for Jenn and tried for 5.0 myself. Sadly... does not even come close to rigging on a 430... way too stiff. Luckily Chris had a spare and hooked us up. (Note to self: if 4.5/5.0 days happen more.. we'll need a second 400 mast).

At first it was a lil' light. Got used to the new fin, played around, tried going for a few hops. Back n' forthed it for a bit putting off pulling the trigger as I was still just barely planing so didn't have power in the sail in the air.

Finally the wind picked up and it was time...

First attempt: SPLASH...Catastrophy... barely more than a catapult. I hesitated, not feeling my feet locked in the straps (set smaller from my Ned's point day / Jenn's feet ), I was spooked and just didn't bring, or commit to bringing the board around with me.

Went back in and gave Jenn the board to play on before I adjusted the straps loose to really get my feet in. She played... I took the board back, loosened up the straps, re-donned my helmet and off I went.

Second attempt... waiting... waiting... waiting... gybe *crap*.

One long reach passing every ramp by. Back to shore, gybed around to starboard for another pass...

Second attempt continued... kept going further and futher getting close to the channel... jump SHEET IN... splash. Better... felt full impact on my back, probably 1/3-1/2 way around. Waterstarted out... on and on that same reach...

Third attempt, fourth attempt, fifth attempt...

Third went a bit better...

Fourth I went off a bigger ramp and felt no resistance of the board hitting water, just a slow rotation in the air.. saw the sky spin by but crashed with feet coming out of the straps about 3/4 of the way through. The sail was in the water across the wind. I pushed it up and with one kick I waterstarted out and away.

Fifth was the same.... 3/4.. but 4 in a row had me rattled a bit, turned back to shore as I was way out at this point, afraid to lose my cohones by turning around too soon.

Next couple of reaches involved maybe 2-3 more shots? With me waterstarting out after a kick or two. Alas, not this time. Monday will hopefully be the day.

Another big thanks to Chris for hooking me up with a mast!

Donald was down there again and fun to chat with. Also ran into Cliff who extended an invite to stay down, there but we opted for a beer and an awesome evening in a hot-tub. Lots of fun chatting with Doug/Chris/Cliff/Peter while soaking in the tub.

Edit: Day after as I write... I'm pretty sore. Back, right calf and neck. Big impacts.


+ Tried a bunch of loops (~7-8), including

+ Came out planing switchstance and rather than switch feet, held myself planing switch stance for a bit (but not long).. will need to improve

+ Opened up the clew and carved down some waves to switch / clew-first and cut back. Still no power


+ For looping: I think I need to focus on pulling up the back leg and looking back as I'm not sure I did either.

+ Try maybe bringing the mast windward and pointing / extending the front leg...

Weather Conditions

Higher tide with the wind starting out just barely enough for the 5.0 (planing in puffs). Later in the afternoon had a stretch where it was perfect 5.0.

The whole time there was solid rolling chop to play on / jump off... steep ramps were few n' far between

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 20-25 22




  96L FreeSex/5.0 Wave 3D


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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