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The play pan

Lake Erie Long beach

It was about 1pm when I got a call saying it's happening at Erie. with a 1.5 hrs drive I had to decide fast, By 3pm I was in the water ripping it up. Spent most of the time in the play pan. Nothing to really write home about, but some sets were just beautiful riding on both tacks. It did not seem windy near the beach so mainly stayed away until I spotted a head high set, went for it and rode it all the way in. As suspected, not as much wind near shore, but my new board performed real well slogging me out through the break. Had a blast on this board today and loving it more each time I use it.

Weather Conditions

windy and overcast and warm!

The Day at a Glance


  SW 17-21 26




  Goya 92L Quad/Goya 5.8


  2 hrs.

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