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Labour Day part 2 - Upwind 360s at Ned's Point

Buzzards Bay Ned's Point

Got there and lots of people were standing around which was (1) great, since I had company (2) sucks, since only 3-4 sails were on the water and only half were planing.

Didn't bother bringing down the 7.0 since I figured I would do some light-wind playing. Was hopeful to try a few more loops if it picked up to 5.0 but alas, that never showed. Rigged up the 6.2 and hit the water as a wind-dummy on the 96L. The FreeSex, being 62cm wide, does have an edge, but there's still something fun about being able to say to those watching from shore that you're on a 96/6.2 and be planing around comfortably back n' forth while those with bigger boards and sails grumble. :D

What the sensor reads didn't seem to translate to wind on the water. I probably had a good 1h on a 6.2 on every reach before it dropped to non-planing conditions with the occasional planing puff. Others we having no luck with sails sub 7.0.

Later it puffed up for a bit more... but again, nothing very much sustained.

Apparently earlier, people were happy on 5.5's but it just kept dropping.

I'd rate it a 4-5-star day... since I managed to work on some tricks (duck gybes, upwind 360's), and chatted with some great people on shore. Ned's really has a fun n' friendly vibe with the windsurfers and non-windsurfers alike.


+ Multiple upwind 360's on both tacks

+ Duck gybes on both tacks

+ Lots of tacks

Weather Conditions

Lighter winds that was up and down.

The Day at a Glance


  SW 14-20 24




  96L FreeSex/6.2 Duke


  3 hrs.

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