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With some patience...

Ontario Club LaSalle

and after two hours of slogging back and forth and talking to Wind Gods, they finally turned the big fan on and I got 3 hours of wonderful blasting along the shore break at 13-16 knots. At that time nobody left on the beach except two small catamarans. I consider it as a rain-check for missed yesterday at Long Beach :-)

Started learning bottom turns in straps... still long way to go :-)

Overall surprisingly good session after being close to give up, pack and leave. It was the second time (out of total three times at LaSalle) after waiting patiently after everybody left and being given a gift of few hours of fun here. Is that place is always gets windy close to evening? It seems to me like that...

Weather Conditions

first choppy with small swell, then more choppy with bigger swell and strict on-shore wind.

The Day at a Glance


  N 12-16 16




  125 Tabou Rocket/7.5 Gator


  3 hrs.

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