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Lake Ontario Burlington Beach

What a great session! The only negative was that I was already tired from work before I even hit the water. The wind was on to side on and not much of it at the shorebreak which was a bit of a workout slogging through the waves. Once out, there was just enough power to take advantage of the large waves. Some of these waves were just beautiful, long and clean. Exhausted as I was, I couldn't help but ride some big suckers all the way to the beach, which meant more slogging out! I was done after a couple hrs!

First true test for my new board and passed with flying colors!

My first at Burlington Beach and loved it, however I hear that today's conditions are not common there!.....We nailed it Fathom & Zeni!

Weather Conditions

Overcast, warm waters, and big waves

The Day at a Glance


  NE 22- 18




  Goya 92L Quad/Ezzy 5.2


  2 hrs.

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