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Wow great surprise

Ontario Just north of the bridge

No wind anywhere except consistently 21-24knots all day at the Grimsby buoy. So decided to take the plunge, and drive the 1.5h (ended up closer to 2hrs with afternoon GTA traffic). Joined Sandro and others (sorry forgot all the names!).

When got there, the impression was 'oh boy I made a mistake', people were slogging trying to pass the big BROWN waves. My first few minutes were slogging, slammed, digging the sail from the undertow to water start, repeat, and repeat. Exhausting. Sailed for a bit then took a break. Dan (last name?), previously from Windsurf Canada, was doing some beautiful wave riding and was very inspiring on my next phase.

The wind then filled in and I took it more relaxed (once used to the location and port waves). And wow that became really fun. No jump cause I can't jump port for s*$t. However the wave riding was amazing. Big sets of 3, overhead high (I'm short) and long and clean if you ride the 2nd and 3rd waves. And you could ride way out and not just near shore. They were beautiful by the pier.

I ate it a few times trying to go too far back winded frontside, but doing better by the end of the day with some fast surfing back side and partially front side. Can't wait for the next wave session.

Now looking for a big quad wave board!

This spot is a keeper on strong NE

Weather Conditions

Beautiful sets and fairly steep

The Day at a Glance


  NE 20-22 18




  Fanatic FreeWave 86/Goya 3D 5.3


  2 hrs.

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