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Beer at the beach

Lake Ontario Burlington Beach

That's how today's session ended. Thanks windpowered, that was great! The day started quite odd receiving messages and phone calls about Burlington beach, meanwhile, my buddy (kiter) convinces me to check out Jack Darling park. Planned to meet him there to try convince him for Burlington, but by the time I arrived, he's rigged and ready to go. I launched him and decided to give it a shot....big mistake! Couldn't even make it out So I collapsed my rig, shoved it in the van, notified him that I'm splitting and off to Burlington in my wet steamer. Got there to find windpowered, northshore and terry just come in for a break. the wind was dying! Re rigged my initial setup and managed to pull in a few rides. The wind was quite light and after yesterday I did not feel like rigging a 7 m sail, so I just changed board. I still had too little a sail but still managed to pull in a few rides ending too far downwind.; The waves were still juicy, but nothing like the previous day.

All in all, glad I went down.....Love sailing with those guys!

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The Day at a Glance


  NE 14-18 20




  Goya 92L Quad / Quattro 120L/Goya 5.8


  1 hrs.

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