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Got wet!

Lake Ontario MCP

Looked good with whitecaps and all, so I decided on short session on big gear since it was a local session on a warm day. Couldn't even get planing once, blew my turn and had a hard time waterstarting!, Slogged back in downwind and that was that. Another guy had gone down in the meanwhile and he was not doing much. By the time I got to my van, Ironicisonic was rigged and ready to go. He had a cambered 10m sail and a formula board at about 150L. I watched him go and hung out for a while. I never saw him get planing! I also watched the other guy doing light wind tacks. He made it look so easy. I later found out that he was on 122L / 8.5.....and did not plane once. I was jealous of those tacks though!

Weather Conditions

warm sunny

The Day at a Glance


  NE 81-10 25




  Quattro 120L/Ezzy 7.0


  30 min.

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