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Lots of promises, weird day, should have gone to Sherkston

Ontario Frenchman

Really windy when first got up. Had to do a bit of work. Then torn between staying local or driving 2.5hrs to Sherkston. Ended at Frenchman with rINR. Not too bad when first got there, then it warmed up and then it domed. rINR saved the day lending me his 6.4L, fooling around with the Rocket 125 putting a 25cm wave fin on it and trying to ride some of the big swells. It felt like SUP surfing (or at least what I imagine SUP surfing would be like). The water around the nuclear plant was unreal warm. I did swallow once, hopefully I won't glow. Then it really dropped. rINR left then. I started rigging the 8m to end the day, during the 5-10min rigging the wind shuts down and did a 90 degree switch to NW. 2 kiters dropped their kites and struggled to swim back in with the sudden offshore wind. Swam out with the board and another kiters and helped them come in. One of the kiters lost his board, heading for the USA.

Once back the wind was now fairly steady and strong on the pond side. Had a good 1.5hr of speed sailing on completely flat water (had to use the weed fin though). Nice ending to an otherwise weird day.

Started the day at 10:30. Stopped at 5:30.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 10-20 25




  Tabou Rocket 125/Retro 8.0


  6 hrs.

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