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Big Gear Again!?!?!

Lake Ontario Frenchman's Bay

Looked so promising in the morning. It was a little disappointing to see that the wind was doming since the forecast looked so favourable to south winds which really makes sailing at FB such a treat. Despite the lack of strong winds there was still some waves that were still head high in spots. I had fun all the same blasting on the 7.4M and 125L Rocket. I was proud of myself for making some nice clean tacks from Straboard to Port on the outside. It was gratifying that the goofing around and practicing on West Lake made a signigicant difference in that weakness. It was fun to watch Fathom sailing the rocket like a wave board. He was actually quite smooth and fluid despite the larger volume board. Though not a great day it was so nice to take a break from the hectic pace that my business has me on lately.

Weather Conditions

Larger swell in the path of the outflow of the bay, and some swells but flatter the rest. Unbelievably warm water in front of Liverpool beach area.

The Day at a Glance


  S 12-17 25




  106 Flare, 125 rocket/7.4M


  2 hrs.

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