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september summer

erie sherkston/the ramp

Rolling to Sherkston,stop to pick up water VW van goes screaming past..."hangloose" heading in same direction.

On beach@10 rig 4.7 quick and head out.Fully powered direction side on on...Nice sets at far end of reef but ramdom.....try to pick and choose bigger head high + sets as they are cleaner.Some nice sets in bowl also but only ventiure in a couple of times if wind lulls once commited it usually=wash into beach and a hike back up .

Headed out early from session lunch break and got amazing 1/2 hour sesh rest of lunch crowd soon followed then wind started to get fluky but sailed another hour off&on mostly on

Great windy summer day & great group

Weather Conditions

SW solid choppy smaller sets with cleaner head high+ sets warm air/water

The Day at a Glance


  SW 20-25 26




  Quatro Tempo twinzer 76/Maui Sails 4.7 Legend


  3 hrs. 30 min.

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