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Sweet Surprise Solo Sunset Sandbanks Session

Lake Ontario Outlet beach

Wow, is there a button for rating six stars?

Looked like it was going to be some nice light wind NW wavesailing after school - then the wind kept getting better and the waves kept getting bigger. Sky completely cleared and I got caught waaay out on a 5.8 and the wind slammed to at least 30 kts. Fought my way in and sat on my stuff on the beach to keep it with me. About 20 mins later the whatever it was subsided to perfect 5.3 for me. The waves were HUGE now and I had two hours of absolutely perfect frontside rides in the corner until it was too dark to continue. I wish there had been someone else out because noone will believe me when I tell them how high my jumps were on the way out - fully powered 5.3 straight into 10 foot + steep ramps - crazy. A few almost made me soil my wetsuit. I think the combination of solid surprise wind, perfect peeling Sandbanks waves and amazing sunset scenery made this my favourite session of the year. I am so stoked for a big Mac's day now (or another Outlet one).

Weather Conditions

Waves, sideshore wind, sunny, warm water

The Day at a Glance


  NW 12-30




  RRD 109 and RRD 84/Sailworks 5.8 Revo and Simmer 5.3 Crossover


  3 hrs.

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