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Meeting cancelled: Windsurfing is on

Simcoe Heritage

Had to work til mid afternoon. Frantic texts from rINR it's blowing at Beaverton. It was either yummy paid for Chinese restaurant or wave sailing. Decided to join him at Heritage and it was a great call.

4.5/69L wave riding onshore for a good 45min. Rigged the sail with the leech tighter than usual and it greatly helped with the onshore frontside ride/speed/control. Some of the ramps were head high or slightly more, then the wind dropped. Could not see rINR anywhere, was about to call the marine unit when I saw him walking back from way down wind...snapped his boom (again) on a big jump. Went out for some more but the wind died down a bit. We both went back out on bigger gear and rINR let me use his 5.8 so I did not have to rerigged. More sailing but less waves. Water starting to feel cold to the bare hands. Stopped with red sky and sunset. Wonderful

The Day at a Glance


  NW 14-25 10




  Tabou PW 69 then Fanatic FW 86 /NP Zone 4.5 then Ezzy Wave 5.8


  2 hrs.

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