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Epic / advil

Georgian Bay Allenwood

In the water by 2.15 out by 6.30. by then I was done and cramping up, and the wind was subsiding. But what a great day it was. Some waves were way over head high especially on the outside. The shore break on the outside produced some juicy head high + long breakers which produced some excellent riding. On one of these wave rides, after smacking the lip and coming down at a 100mph. the board suddenly stops dead and I go over the handlebars. I realized that I just hit a twin tip kite board which was floating just below the surface. No way i could have seen that in those conditions! I noticed a gash in the kiteboard. I was sure i bust my gear...I hit hard! Boom felt good, mast not broken and fins still in place, however I did notice some paint scraped from the mid rail!. Rode to the beach and checked it out. Amazingly all was good.. I did put some tuck tape over the scrape just in case the glass was broken. I later learnt the the kiteboard had a 3 inch gash in it. Felt bad for the owner but no way I could have seen that coming and also glad that I did not rip out one of the fin my new board!

Anyway, kept on riding and headed way out to the big swells and nailed some beautiful rides out there! Today was the best day for my new board. She slashed waves, surfed waves, loose and turney, and best of all, at 92L even when overpowered, I never felt that I had too much board, and in the lulls, she had the float!

Anyway, hands down, best local wave session of the year (till now...I hope) shared with a hand full of terrific sailors and another hand full of kiters.

Weather Conditions

Heavy winds, light winds , clouds, sun. rain, big waves.cold air, warm water

The Day at a Glance


  NW 20-30 13




  Goya 92L Quad/Goya 4.7


  3 hrs. 40 min.

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