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Mixed Bag

Lake Simcoe Heritage Farms

I first went to Beaverton but it looked too North, too flat, and too light (at the time) so headed to Heritage and nice waves, better wind but still lightish with intermitant blasts. Bob was the wind dummy on his 5.5M and was bobbing then planing. So in a plan to avoid aggrevation I rigged the 6.4M / 106 Flare and the wind filled in nicely. I had some crazy rides when the wind was gusting to over 25 so I came into rig the 5.8M / 91L. Left the beach fully dialed in, cracked off a nice fat verticle face but came down hard on the boom and sheared through the extension arms on both side. Took out the broken bits, stuffed in the shorter arms and tried sailing it back like that but the sail was so loose that I could not get up wind. Made it to shore, big walk of shame along shoreline, replace boom, wind dies, and back out on the 6.4M set up from earlier. Fathom and I shut the place down riding the intermittant winds when they would rip through. Sooooo......might sound like a bummer session but not really. I was so happy just to be outside on such a beautiful day ( I love this time of year). I was happy that it was small gear for once. I was happy that all my hard work and late nights lately paid off picking up new jobs, and that I could be able to take a breather from it all. Happy that Fathom made it up for a session. Happy that Bob and other sailor ( name unknown ) were there too. Happy to come home to a nice dinner waiting, and kids and wife who asked me if I had fun windsurfing. It's all good! ;-)

Weather Conditions

Nice rolling waves upwind and out from the launch point, and nice steep ramps and ridable waves on the outside.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 15-25 15




  91L Poison, 106 SB Flare/5.8M Ezzy Se, 6.4M NP Excess


  2 hrs. 15 min.

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