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busy day

lake ontario Beach Strip

At first i just walked down to the beach to have a beer, and check the conditions with a buddy. we had just sat down and we scanning the waves and white caps to estimate the wind speed. and we saw some thing out about 100m at first looked like a sailboarder with broken gear or a big log or something floting around. I ran back up to the house and got my board and sail! my buddy figured out it was a kayak filpped!! so i sailed out. when i got out to the kayak was drifting under the surface of the water about 20ft away from the person, and the guy had no wetsuit on and was trying to hold on to an old shitty lifejacket that was water logged!! so i put him on my board kind of half on and half in the water and got him in to the beach!! the guy was about 50 and had been in the water for about an hour, he was cold. the OPP came to check him out and some one drove him to his car!!

after all that i sailed for about 2hrs in good conditions!!! kind of gusty with a few nice waves!!

Weather Conditions

medium wind and waves

The Day at a Glance


  E 10-16 19




  100L rogue wave/5.0 hot


  2 hrs.

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