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Lake Erie Long Beach

Felt windy at the rigging area, lots of caps and waves in shore. the wind was very south and I tried a run but fell on my turn and there just wasn't enough to waterstart and impossible to very first swim at LB! Took about 20 minutes to swim to shore and the break was wicked.

Chris came and helped me get my stuff up the beach....thanks!

A few more people showed up and I went out to try again but still not a couple of small runs then just pulled the bigger board out....not ideal for the waves but I could get going. Most everyone got some good but challenging runs in. I was out for a couple of hours but only got going for 45 min. cause I had to go to work

Weather Conditions

Up and down wind with big waves and shorebreak

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  S 16-16 20




  110, 121/5.7


  45 min.

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