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Best session ever?

Lake Ontario Point Traverse, Prince Edward County

South and East all day - so we went to the lighthouse expecting good things.

It was better than hoped for. The wind was building SSE I think and that combination with the low lake level was absolute magic. I started this sport in the mid-eighties and I don't remember a better session. I am still buzzing and actually had trouble sleeping last night. The waves were big, perfect triangles that you could catch easily as you could see them from behind so far away because the tops were being blown off them backwards! They wrapped around the lighhouse point and the wind was side-off. Even a total kook could have caught these. Multiple turns and actually time to decide whether you wanted to crank a big spray turn or a smooth, wide one to set up more on the same wave. In over tem years here I have never caught it that good. I'm ready to quit my job and head to Baja right now. (unfortunately my car is in for an e-test) This real wavesailing stuff is not bad. Bring me more. Sailed until 7:30 when I couldn't really see the limestone ledges (or the shore) anymore - just the lighthouse blinking.

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  RRD Wave Cult 84/Simmer 5.3 and 4.5 Crossovers


  3 hrs.

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