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kitezilla vs the konasauous

lake ontario p.h.

so, finally rigged a kite for the first time this year, my 16m slingshot octane, with the 6.2 surfboard.. and, for comapson, the kona, with a twin cam 7.5m.. wind, 10-15knots...

so.. its about equal as far as just getting going, the kite was probably easier, but not much you can do in lightwinds but back and forth, and jibe.. the windsurfing, at least you can practice different thing, tacks, jibes, backwinded, ,,whatever..

kiting in lightwind... well for me gets kinda dull after about an hour or so..

unless theres waves..

thats a big advantage to kites, getting out through bad shorebreak..

anyway, i nice lightwind cruisy afternoon, 2 half hour kite sessions, and 2 half hour winsurf sessions

Weather Conditions

sunny warm breezy

The Day at a Glance


  SW 10-15 20




  kona 11 5, airush 192/ezzy 7.5, slingshot octane 16


  2 hrs.

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