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FW wavesailing :)

Lake O MCP

Beautiful weather today, warm nice breeze of perhaps 8 - 14 knots and a swell from the east.

Didn't want to schlogg but didn't wanna be over-powered on the big stuff so went with point 7 and Formula. The best rides were just outside the shorebreak carving the waves, planing - yes on a full blown formula board. But ya gotta do what conditions dictate.

Ironic, yeah I know but the kit worked....

Great to sail with me old mate Sandro - who has probably had the best season of anybody round these here parts. ( as well as baja and barbados..) Sandro suggested sailable SUP with small sail - that would have been interesting.. DB's KONA with his BOXER 5.8 cool..... next time.

I can count decent sessions from the past few years on one hand. A couple at Beaverton, a few days in Garda. My stoke for this sport this seriously waning so to sail with him was good. I've been sailing with him for at least 20 years.... Sometimes you need yer sailing buddies to keep the sport enjoyable. The mermaid was in attendance - rippin on her SUP jibed around her and SHAKA! She rules SUP.

Good to see Chris gettin out there. Local lad and keen!

All in all had some nice runs inside, water was warm and me and Sandro snagged a Stella post sail.

Weather Conditions

Choppy bumpy and lumpy

The Day at a Glance


   8-14 25




  Roberts FW/Point -7 No cam 7.6 BLACK


  2 hrs. 3 min.

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