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Ridding waves schogging out

Lake O THe pier

GOt there at 1 pm, and it looked like a fair bit of wind. A catermeran was ablsoutley flying in the bay. I noticed that as he came close to shore the wind wasn't as strong. I ended up rigging 8.2. In hindsight i should have gone bigger. By the time I got to the water the cat was gone and the wind had backed off. Went out and found that it was marginal at best. Rode some waves. But had to schlog back. It was such a nice day I stayed with it for about an hour and a half. Of course, just as I had finished packing up the wind picked up. I left assuring myself that it still wasn't enough wind to be fully powered .

Here is hoping that I can get out this week as it looks good.

Weather Conditions

Absoulutely beautiful, just not windy enough.

The Day at a Glance


  SE 8-12 24




  145/8.2 helcat


  2 hrs.

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