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I Love Fall Weather

Lake Ontario Lakeridge Rd. South

Running back from Ajax to home I checked out Lakeridge and it was nice and windy and Iwindsurf sensors at Frenchman's was confirming on Iphone. I loaded up at home and shot back down for some fun. First runs were on 6.4M on 106L board fully powered and some really nice knee to waste high peeling wave near the shore and farther out there were nice jacking / rolling swells well over head high ( but not breaking waves but still rideable). I got about a half hour of surreal rides where I was trying out some of the pointers from the wave riding thread. I noticed and instant difference. The wind backed off so I stuck the 6.4M on the 125L and got some nice rides there before I had to go to the 7.4M on the 125L. When I came in I peeled off the Dr. Vu weight loss suit- ( I forgot my short sleeve suit so I was wearing the 6/4 steamer in the 23'C weather). I chugged a gallon of water to hydrate and the temperature was so nice I just stayed in my swim trunks and took the fin out of my 106L and goofed around on land trying some of the stance suggestions from the wave riding thread. I think I learned more doing that than actually sailing. Packed it in really slow hoping Fathom would show so I could hand off my gear to him if he wanted and just soaking in the sound of crashing waves, warm sun, and cool breeze. Fall at its best! As I pulled away Fathom came rolling down the road and we chatted. He said I shouldn't be driving around shirtless in my shorts as people might get the wrong impression based on a recent story in the paper: see link> .....Nice! thanks for planting that image in my mind after such a nice little seshy.......but that's "normal" - right? really????

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Nice peeling waves inside huge swell outside

Water Colors

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  E 14-22 23




  106L Flare / 125L Rocket/6.4M /7.4M NP Excess


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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