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Slam dancin in September

Lake Erie Long Beach Conservation

It was all about the ride back cause the ride out against the waves was wild!

Not the biggest winds I've been out in but the biggest waves for sure!

Raining buckets early in the day and then it picked up.

I took the time on the beach and fixed the top of the 3.3 and it was rigged perfect... I felt really comfortable on the gear. Water was warm, grreat people to sail with......perfect day :-)

The last 2 days are dedicated to my stepdad Jim who passed away this week the only member of my family to come to LB and watch us sail. He was a Lake Erie fishermen and great guy.

Respect Jimmy! Life is short, follow your passion.

Weather Conditions

Some huge honkin gusts, crazy unpredictable waves,,,,crazy fun!

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 26-35 15






  2 hrs.

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