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This Place Sucks!

Lake Erie Sherkston

What a vibe on the beach today! A real good bunch of guys totally dialed in! At first conditions were quite bumpy with a weird wind direction, however on the reef, the waves were still quite nice and play full! and than came the flats for some terrific high speed jibes. The day was full of rain and cloud cover, but occasionally the sun did peak through! In the afternoon, the wind picked up and just had to rig down. Waves got bigger and offered some nice rides. Some of today's high lights (for me). Getting wiped on the helmet by a kite line under tension which came from behind me while launching! What was the guy thinking? .... Getting trashed in front of a big (10ft at least) set. I took on about 6 of them and the white water was huge and powerful. the kind that tries to rip the gear out of your hands! Putting a 4.2 on my 92L board and worked great! And another good wipeout where I hit my rib cage on to the boom. It hurts now. I need an impact vest! Although it was not the best wind direction for the spot, having too much south in it , and was quite gusty with no wind in the trough of some of the big waves, It was still a very fun day to be out in! Scores big today!

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The Day at a Glance


  SW 20-30 17




  Goya 92L Quad/Goya 4.7, Simmer 4.2


  4 hrs.

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