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Rain goggles

Erie Sherston

Drive down heavy rain flags drooping...last 5 minutes finally signs of wind...Rig 4.7 as most already ripping on 4.5-4.7.Rip staight down beach as plenty of South in it trying to pinch out...scary as Sherkston is mostly flat shale with ledges and ramdom boulders...yikes...manage to make it clear but into" Bowl" where it's like a massive washing machine...nasty good spot to buckle your board...out of there upwind to reef where it's much cleaner.....found it easy to score jumps both tacks but wave riding tricky with full onshore direction...sailing in heavy rain almost blind...afternoon down to 4.2 Swells downwind of reef getting cleaner some sets like mast high...pulling jibes on these are adrenaline rides,you pay the price if you blow it though

Great day/crowd....after back to back sessions body feeling it... feet sliced up slightly from Zebra mussels...worth ti all the way

On to tomorrow...brrrr.

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Onshore messy/big

Water Colors

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  S 17-25 17




  Quatro Tempo 76/Maui Sails 4.7 Legend/4.2 Global


  4 hrs.

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