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Hangin' with Trailer Park Boys

Lake Erie Sherston Shores

So I FINALLY made it to sail Erie and glad I did. The drive wasn't as long as I thought. The whole way driving there - NO WIND. Pull into the beach and Tom is already there and says it just came up. Yeehaw! Raining cats and dogs but windy. Rigged up the 5.0M on the 91L and went out. HOLY SMOKES! I like skiing moguls but that is rediculous. Head high crazy voodoo cross hatched rogue waves from hell in spots. At one point in the day I popped off the water a bit got hit head on my standing chop that pushed the nose of the board back into me that it actually hit my shoulder but somehow I still kept sailing. Did a couple of runs but had to come back to change fin and down haul sail more, plus I felt like my heart was going to leap out of my chest and my mind was spinning in circles. I kept sailing all day in spurts as I was getting worked so hard going out. Some HUGE swells and waves on the outside that forced me to learn to surf / jibe them. What a sensation! It felt like free falling into a jibe. Nice rides in on some much cleaner sets which made for some front side practice and really hard carving wave slashing. Went for 4 back loops during the day with one being totally over rotated as I flat spun it too much rather than apexing it. I felt like I was still 4 feet above the water and still spinning. Is a double back possible? Nice killer hero jibes on the beach that were so exhilerating! Love this place! I'll be back on a killer west day as I could see its potential despite the onshore wind. I was more than happy to finish sailing I was not only physically tired (forgot to take the ZipFuel this morning) but I was mentally exhausted from the level of focus required to maitain board control. Great crowd, great stoke, glad I worked my butt of this week to be able to take the day off! I really felt bad for Tom's friend who got cut in the corner of his eye with his boom / mast. Hope he is fairing well......good thing there was a doctor in the house. I was there for four hours, probably spent an hour of that on the beach talking and gathering my wits.

Weather Conditions

Bitch slapping chop / monster rollers/ ridable clean waves.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  S 22-30 15




  91L Poison Wave/5.0M NP Core- my personal fav.


  3 hrs.

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