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Big Waves and Traffic Jam

Erie Skerkston

Lots of fun at the beach today! Despite the 5 or 6 heavy rail squalls, there was plenty of wind and big waves all day. Lots of 'weird waves' too due to the shifty and gusty conditions. Sailed 4.2 all day with some minor rigging adjustments and switched between 84 and 95L boards as the wind changed. Great to see so many windsurfers out, including many on this forum (6-8?) as well as kitesurfers out enjoying the heavy conditions. Much longer than usual drive home with qew closed at St. Catherines.

Weather Conditions

Gnarly, driving rain, gusty & shifty winds

The Day at a Glance


  SW 20-30 15




  Fanatic RIP 84 / Rogue Wave 95/4.2 MS Legend


  4 hrs.

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