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Great atmosphere, great sailing, lousy drive

Erie Sherkston

The forecast looked good so headed out for Erie.

Stuck in morning GTA traffic, added a good 30min to the drive.

rINR and Tom were already there and rigging down.

Rigged the 4.0 and went out have fun in the big waves and monster chops for a good ?5hrs, lost track.

Highlight: huge jump, looking down, drifting my landing toward another sailor, it fell like I was well above his mast. Landed smoothly but we both fell in, boards 2-3 inches away from head on collision. Some practice clew first front side, close to shore and waiting for better days at SBX.

After rINR left, the crazy rain stopped, the sun actually came out and the waves were cleaning up, by then I was spent.

Low of the day: QEW jammed at St Catherines due to MVA. 4hrs (!!) to drive home.

Weather Conditions

Crazy chops, side ways rain, big sets

The Day at a Glance


  SW 30-




  Tabou Pocket Wave 69/NP Zone 4.0


  5 hrs.

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