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Dog days

Lake Ont MCP

Couldn't hack it at work: so took a mental health day and 'skived' off at 11:30; sequestered DB's Kona, stabbed the big rig onto it and launched off our local break. Was a relief to leave dry land and get out into the other "office". Late fall sun, warm and loving the glide. First time on Belbeoch's Kona board - got way offshore until launch was barely in sight. Nice. Therapeutic.

The wind backed off from just capping to mere ripples but getting back on a long board was cool. Conditions didn't matter. It was magic, much needed and appreciated. A nice end-session to an otherwise shite season.

Ordered that Phantom for '012!

Weather Conditions

5-11 knots sunny cool green water - magic

The Day at a Glance


   5-11 18




  KC5555'S Kona/NP V8 10!


  1 hrs. 23 min.

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